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We take great pride in providing the best possible service for our patients and their words are testimony to our service.

I have been seeing Nita for a little over 4 weeks, following on from post natal back and pelvic pain.  Although still in the middle of ongoing treatment, I have noticed a definite improvement in my posture.  Pain has decreased and day to day life is much more manageable.

Nita is fantastic, a true professional and very dedicated to her work.  She makes me feel at ease, takes care and consideration and explains all procedures thoroghly.

I will most certainly recommend her.  All in all a great treatment and a great practise - lovely staff!

- Rashida Khalil

The Chiropractic treatments here definately helped.  My general health has improved, I'm in  a lot less pain, and can move a lot more freely.

Thank you.

- Anonymous

When I first came here, I was in terrible pain in my back and my hands.  Gurmeet explained everything she would do to get me feeling better again.  I come here twice a week, at first it was a bit painful, but I'm getting used to the treatment.  I'm pleased to say my hands have improved a lot, and my back and neck are getting better.

I will continue my treatment until I no longer need it, I'm glad to say I'm pleased I tried this treatment and thanks to Gurmeet.  I'll feel much better and will be able to use my hands as normal without pain.

- Ms Padda

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